Part one of the TOOLPAPER has been released!
    The TOOL Stake Pool has launched!
    Day 1: Artwork
    Day 2: CryptoTrack
    Day 3: $TOOL
    Day 4: Vault Staking
    Day 5: Toolbot
    Day 6: Toolbot Extension
    Triple-A Artwork
    In conceptualising Toolheads, our mission was to deliver the ultimate Utility NFT, testament to our own innovation and unwavering commitment to quality at CNFT Tools.
    We wanted to create an NFT where the art stands tall on its own merits, high in quality, immersed with intricate lore and detail. No compromises. No shortcuts.
    To bring this vision to life, we collaborated the illustrious Brian Allen from Brian boasts a formidable client portfolio, creating art for iconic rock legends; Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age, and Pantera. With Toolheads, Brian has delivered yet another masterpiece proudly amplifying our vision.
    Each aspect of Toolheads is interwoven by a dystopian cyberpunk narrative and lore. Whether it's the elusive Hackers of Tsūru City or the fierce Marauders of Anhedonia, each NFT embodies our ethos and your portal to the CNFT Tools Ecosystem
    Access to CryptoTrackBETA
    Every owner of a TOOLHEAD is invited to join the BETA of the new site from CNFT TOOLS.
    CryptoTrack is a new realtime analytics platform for all things Cardano. We will be tracking, DEFI, NFT, SWAPS, MINTS. You name it we will track it.
    Users with our Vault NFT have been using CryptoTrack for a few weeks and the reception has been superb. We are now opening up the BETA to all TOOLHEAD owners.
    Gain the edge when making buying and purchasing decisions with our quick look trend markers and super slick interface. We're going to put the power into the hands of the user as to how they want to display their key metrics.
    Introducing $TOOL
    The Community Token from CNFT Tools.
    In the ever-evolving utility of Toolheads, the currency $Tool is king, stored in Vaults where the full distribution resides. This community token binds Toolheads from various cities, granting access to indispensable Tools and Privileges. As tensions surge, economic stability is assured by diverting 5% from the Toolheads mint into a liquidity pool, nestled deep within Spectracore.
    Ensuring its sanctity and fairness within the Vaults. $TOOL will not be pre-sold.
    There will be no $TOOL distributed to the CNFT Tools team.
    How do you acquire $TOOL? Find out tomorrow.
    Vault Staking
    Vault Staking
    A new concept in staking from CNFT TOOLS.
    Toolheads are staked directly into Vaults becoming a collective working to maximise $TOOL earnings. Vault owners will need to attract the elusive vault guards and the right mix of Toolheads to maximise their vault potential.
    Ever evolving, specific Toolhead traits can enchance emissions for your chosen vault along with potentially disrupt rivals! choose your vault wisely to maximise your $TOOL emissions.
    • Vault owners gain 20%+ emissions on top of the total emission from their Vault
    • Specific types of Toolheads enhance emissions for every member of the Vault
    • We have partnered with Anvil to make Vault Staking a reality.
    Announcing Toolbot, every Toolhead's trusted sidekick.
    Our top-notch Cross-Platform notification tool. Designed for every Toolhead, your assistant keeping you in the loop with real-time updates on all your wallet activities.
    Toolbot will offer:
    • Realtime Balance Updates
    • Records of Sales & Purchases
    • Offer Notifications
    • Loan Updates
    • Updates on your Watchlist
    Toolbot Extension
    ToolBot Chrome Extension
    The Toolhead companion to keep you abreast of what is going on in Cardano and enhance your most used sites!
    • JPG Store Rarity Injections => Add the most offical rankings into the listings and see trait floors as you browse! *Live*
    • NFT Drop Calendar => Quickly see all the upcoming drops and voting!
    • Toolbot integration => See your activity in one place wherever you are *coming soon*
    • Check your $TOOL and gain exclusive bonuses only available in the extension! *coming soon*