Part one of the TOOLPAPER has been released!
    The TOOL Stake Pool has launched!
    Day 1: Artwork
    Day 2: CryptoTrack
    Day 3: $TOOL
    Day 4: Vault Staking
    Day 5: Toolbot
    Day 6: Toolbot Extension
    Tool Pool
    • 0% Margin
    • Network Low Fees
    • 50,000ADA Pledge
    • 5 Relay Nodes
    • Increase Your $Tool Staking Emissions
    The TOOL Stake Pool
    Helping secure a better future for Cardano!
    CNFT Tools and TOOLHEADS are helping contribute to the Cardano Ecosystem with the TOOL Stake Pool. TOOL operates with 5 relay nodes (1 public / 4 private) and a 50,000 ADA pledge. Our relays are helping support and grow the Cardano network. What's more the TOOL POOL has 0% Margin and Network minimum fees.
    Any delegation to a Cardano Stakepool does not LOCK your ada. You are free to spend it as you wish. Earn ADA for every block the TOOL Pool mints!
    Every TOOL delegator will earn additional $TOOL emissions from staking their TOOLHEADS.
    10 - 1000 ADA staked = 1% bonus on $TOOL emissions
    1000 - 10000 ADA staked = 2% bonus on $TOOL emissions
    10000 - 100000 ADA staked = 4% bonus on $TOOL emissions
    100000+ ADA staked = 8% bonus on $TOOL emissions
    10 - 1000 ADA staked = 0.5% bonus on $TOOL emissions
    1000 - 10000 ADA staked = 1% bonus on $TOOL emissions
    10000 - 50000 ADA stakes = 2% bonus on $TOOL emissions
    50000 - 250000 ADA staked = 3% bonus on $TOOL emissions
    250000+ ADA staked = 5% bonus on $TOOL emissions
    *Toolheads in Vaults who stake with the TOOL Stakepool get gain the additional emissions from the Vault
    **ADA staked is taken as an average stake over the day.
    You are staking 12000 ADA with the TOOL POOL and the Vault your Toolhead is in is staking 40000ADA.
    If your standard emission was 100 $Tool per day for your Toolheads. By staking with us you get a bonus of 4% (2% for your Toolhead and 2% for the Vault) so you would get 104 $Tool per day.